Internet Security Software Ratings – How the Experts Rate The Best Internet Security Programs

Customers write most of the reviews and ratings for internet security software that you will find online. A few other reviews and ratings are also written by customers. These sites highlight the tools and features. Read more now on usergorilla

Ratings and reviews are an important factor in finding the right internet security software. These reviews and ratings are based on customer experience. This means that you will likely get the same level protection when you use these security software.

There’s a better way to find the best internet security software. This is because experts actually test these security software programs and give ratings. They conduct independent comparative testing of antivirus software programs and internet security. They are also widely known in the industry as Test Labs.

There are five reputable labs that can test security programs: ICSA, West Coast Labs (Virus Bulletin), Virus Bulletin and AVComparatives. These expert testers have rated the following security programs.


BitDefender was tested by Virus Bulletin, and received a VB100% rating. This award is the most prestigious and it shows that BitDefender was able to detect all viruses in the wild without false alarms. This is why BitDefender is regarded as one of the most trusted internet security software programs.

AV-Test is another expert rating agency that tested BitDefender and certified it. This German-based lab tests BitDefender’s ability to protect against malware (malicious programs).

BitDefender was also certified by ICSA. This independent organization has established criteria for certifying firewalls. BitDefender is among the few programs to have been certified by ICSA.


Kaspersky, another top internet security program, has been certified and tested by the most respected test labs. It has been awarded the VB100% rating, which means it is effective in protecting against viruses and other threats. It is licensed by more than 120 companies to provide its antivirus solution for their products.

Expert testers have also rated it as one of the best at protecting against all types of malware threats. It received positive ratings for its anti-spyware software. This shows that Kaspersky submitted their software for testing and received the ICSA certification.

Some internet security software programs do not submit their software to be tested. Its antivirus software passed the test, and it received a high rating.


Webroot Internet Security recently joined the top security programs. This is evident in the high ratings it has received by expert reviewers. Its anti-spyware program is rated the best. It prevents spyware, data miners and other programs from altering your computer configuration.

Its antivirus software received the VB100% rating by Virus Bulletin. This means that the software was able to detect all viruses via both on-demand scanning and on-access scanning. Webroot’s standalone Webroot Antivirus or Spy Sweeper received certification, but no West Coast Labs test results are available.


Expert ratings are better than reviews and ratings because they give an objective assessment of the software. This will include details about how the internet security software handled malware threats.

Many reviews and ratings of security software are biased. There are also comparison websites that will make quick buck, so be cautious.